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translation in spanishTranslation in Spanish is located in California’s Central Coast. We have been providing English to Spanish translation and Spanish to English services for 15 years. Whether your needs for translation services are large or small, Translation in Spanish is here to assist you with your translation or interpretation needs.

Translation in Spanish is dedicated to provide quality translation and interpretation services to clients with Spanish language needs. We have experience translating different types of documents such as employee handbooks, websites, contracts, marriage, birth and death certificates, diplomas, letters and other documents you may need translated.

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Bilingual Ability vs A Quality Translation In Spanish

mexican translationSpanish is the third most spoken language in the world, and there are many Spanish-speaking people living in the United States. However, being bilingual is not enough to produce a good translation, and bilingual people tend to do literal translations. The Spanish language has complexities and subtleties that are usually lost to non-native speakers. In addition, they must possess thorough knowledge of Spanish.

Machine Translation or Translation Software: These tools are practical for single words or phrases. They usually do literal or word-for-word translations, so you end up with ambiguous words and sentences. Although these devices can be useful in giving you a general idea of what the source text says, they can’t convey the full meaning of the text particularly in long sentences. In spite the improvement of these translation tools, they can never replace the human element in translation.

Why a Translation in Spanish Can Help Your Business

Hispanics represent the nation’s largest and fastest growing minority group, and with an increasing purchasing power and sophistication as consumers. Research shows that Latino population’s disposable income is estimated to grow by about 8% per year. Language is one of the most obvious examples of this phenomenon. Spanish is likely to remain the language of preference among U.S. Latinos. As a business owner, this is a U.S. market you would want to target.

When you choose Translation in Spanish, you always receive a professional Spanish translation service at affordable prices, and on time delivery. If you would like to see testimonials from some of our satisfied customers, please click here.

Our fees are lower than most translation service providers. (12¢ per word for regular text & 10¢ for 1st time clients).

Contact us today and we’ll give you a free, non-obligatory translation price quote for your document or interpretation project. Translation In Spanish is here to help you!

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